Sunday, September 27, 2020

Finding God

The condition of hearing voices is the condition of knowing God exists. He is one of the voices. For people who have the condition, he is the "voice person" who stabilizes your judgments the most. He is also the source of the remote viewing symptoms. These symptoms happen when a voice hearing person develops belief in being under observation of others. It is unfortunate that at times these symptoms develop into dysfunctional or false belief patterns, because it would be a simple thing to correct through explanation of remote viewing. People can see inside your mind with the same amount of observation that you have, but they cannot or do not exploit the situation with some limited and somewhat harmless exceptions because they are being prevented from doing more by God.

The entire idea of abandoning people to uneducated doctors professing beliefs in psychosis and delusions against people who have evolved to hear God's voice when they need support to define the invisible, is awful and wrong minded. These people make voice hearing people delusional about the value of hearing voices, what it is, and the reason behind it. They also completely ignore the phenomena of remote viewing which allows for unlawful groups to succour to themselves the truth and benefits of such a natural mechanism in the absence of opposition or lawful oversight. This is probably the main reason why the history of mental hospitals is overrun with the truth about remote viewing exploitation.

Nothing could be more appalling than the behaviour of professional groups, in light of the truth, and nothing more unloving toward the purpose of God, who wants to help and support the people who are hearing voices, financially, spiritually, and with justice. Many of the people who are hearing voices are either plaintiff and trying to secure support from others to get away from things, or they have recovered and fail to disclose to people any spiritual insights they may have for fear of social opposition. I cannot even write openly critical words about these professional groups without taking my chances because of treatments supported by nothing more than facts of hearing voices and symptoms of remote viewing beliefs. These groups are practising frauds and lies in the arena of public opinion and getting away with it.

The greatest hardship in accepting what I am saying, is the belief that God exists and that he can contact us through hearing voices. This is very understandable. When I was in the position of having no first hand knowledge or experience myself, I was the same way. There are many media sources that claim God does not exist, many learned books that fail to communicate direct contact with a living God. The only time the matter comes up is when we are talking about people who have hearing voices, and they are captured and harmed into denial almost to the last person by professional groups who get paid to control people hearing voices by way of sanctions and punishments.

Within these circumstances there are three ways to proceed. The first is to uncritically accept that hearing voices people are in contact with a supernatural being named God, or that they could be. This may be useful for some people and it may lead people toward the truth, because it is the case. The second way is to uncritically accept the view that hearing voices people are not in contact with a supernatural being named God, and that this could not be. This may be useful for some people because to believe the truth is just to much work and effort for their tiny little brains. The third way to proceed would be to establish a formal investigation into the matter and hear from as many interested people as possible, in the hopes that grounds could be established to conduct more extensive interviews of people with hearing voices to find out exactly who and what they are listening to, and check the theory and claim, that one of the voices, is the voice of a supernatural deity named God, or Allah or whatever name you want to give to him. This approach would be similar to the scientific method. All this would take is reliable witnesses and skilled interviews and documentation of useful contact stories.

Some of this work has been started by psychiatrists in Europe, and has been significant enough to start the peer support movements for people with hearing voices, but it has not been followed up on in other jurisdictions to the point of identifying that voices are other people, very bad other people with powers of remote viewing, and one being God. People who have been in long and protracted battles with voices would be a good group of people to interview, as well as persons who claim to be in contact with God, or persons who are in contact with voices who make everything they talk about relate to being in contact with God, and to know the differences.

This would require a significant push back against the profession of psychiatry, and to embrace a rights based model for people who hear voices. It would also require patience and understanding that many if not all of the people with hearing voices have had their opinions and attitudes shaped and controlled by institutional groups that have harmed them into submission while simultaneously having had their minds scrambled by voice people and lack of boundary securities. Some of them have gotten onside with exploitation enterprises and they fraud and lie about their experiences as a standard model. What is needed are people with lawful character traits. An investigation group would have to apply significant scientific rigour to avoid error, bias, and fraud in the quest to establish the truth that is God exists and he talks to people who think hearing voices is normal if they search for him within that experience. This may surprise a lot of people holding themselves out as experts. All I know is that it happened to me, and so maybe it is happening to more than just one person.