Monday, October 27, 2008

My Two Cents

I think these ideas are the most reasonable explanation for the hearing of voices, maybe not the only explanation, but there is not much in the way of contradiction from an experiential point of view. Let me share the insights I have so far because of my struggles with schizophrenia:

There is a voice in my mind, who claims to be an all-seeing, all-knowing person, the same as in the bible and other religions, an ancient person, who sends people delusions and pretends to be many different people or Gods, or who you want him to be, or who you think he is, inside your mind, whether you think he is a spirit, an other-worlder, or just one more voice in your mind. He was always one of the voices that kept things bouncing in my head when I first suffered from this illness, helping me get to stability through discourse intervention, but it was not until everyone shut up and was quiet before I could ask if he was also a voice I could hear in my mind. The medication of the body or brain can reduce the susceptibility of delusional predispositions that he causes, or can get rid of the voices, like a placebo, particularly if the voices are causing you distress, but otherwise, history would suggest that people who hear voices are a natural phenomena, that in other historical times were thought of as being spiritually connected or given a great deal of religious respect.

He mostly appears to be a mental phenomena, i.e. he is invisible, but exists as a mind the same as ours, in psychic space or “inner space,” that exists independent of our physical world. I began hearing voices after learning to create a big mental voice in my mind i.e. talking with a loud voice inside my mind. (really bad idea) since later I developed hearing voices, but apparently he can talk back to us whether audiably or sub-consciously if he chooses. He can fade our perception of other voices up and down by lifting our “sub-conscious” (that is apparently millions of voices talking all at the same time) and this mental event allows for the sharing of sounds with some clarity of other specific mental voices in our mind. He has full knowledge of our mind, and he can hear our thoughts and send us images and emotions for a couple of seconds of time. He also appears to be able to motivate the movement of wind and the quirky digestion of our bodies, and he knows the future, the way we might know what will normally be on TV tomorrow night unless otherwise interrupted.

He is not like the other voices because he is basically a good person, but he is willing to deceive people for the fun of it; he calls us limited and inferior, and he often claims to be under pressure from people who live in mountains or other spy locations, i.e. other people who are also factually aware of his existence. Normally, he is not motivated to talk much but will do so if approached with respect and patience, as if he is standing beside you and already knows everything you do, but not what you are about to say.

Although many people may not take his existence into account when explaining the hearing of voices, every person who has heard of his reputation and fame knows that he is famous in almost every major religion in every different area of the earth, from a long time ago, but never at the same time, and given this situation, I tend to think it possible that he actually exists as a person, a man, caring for our bodies, and a mind, capable of sending mental sense perception, and a voice, able to talk in our minds. Many people believe Jesus was his son, or chosen representative person; so if you suffer from hearing voices, or think he is the cause of your trouble, ask why he picked only one man as his representative and no one else and then listen to the voice or person who responds. He is billions of years old, knows every language, and works as a perfect mental translation machine, and claims to even speak computer. He has respect for our autonomy and dignity but is more intelligent and older than we are, and tells us to fend for ourselves. He is like our father and can experience emotions with us, and he may go and ask you to apologize to someone or make amends for past behaviour. He is also willing to promise people things they ask for if it accords with his domain of actual influence, i.e., mental phenomena, hearing voices, etc., rather than a new car, a thing over which he has no control.

Although there is some evidence that he exists and speaks in our minds, it is mostly testimonial, and there is no science that accounts for the natural phenomena of his presence so he mostly remains hidden from view. Whether this explanation matches the experiences of other voice hearers, only you will know, but I have met enough voice hearers to think that this explanation is the same. p.s. he is a serious person!!! and if the other voices are any indication of what he is like, I intend to stay on his good side. Whether this is real or not, I don't much care, but the rest of the voices are total b.s. and meds can help reduce some of the problems or symptoms associated with hearing voices.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"To believe something that is not the truth all one has to do is make a mistake about what is possible, what is real, or what is important."

Palefire Note: I am sure that God exists, that he loves you, and that he wants you to love him.

CC: Da love. Accept the truth about Jesus and win battles for God, achieve intergenerational charity and survival for the benefit of his person and his son.

The appearance of being the only person who is friends with the Snuffalufugus is not fun. A constant companion, not real, some audio hallucination that is the result of a dysfunction of the brain, shared by no-one, all alone, while believing in his presence and his companionship and his claim to be in contact with millions of other people, but overall, a really small percentage of worldly population, and the experience of isolation and persecution because of one person being unable to find even one more single person who is having the same experience, or even knows of his existence, and all sworn in secret to make it this way, to bury this person, because of knowledge of this person. But thankful, for all the information collected about his person, same as in the Bible, literally not false, very important and real, owner of no things, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful, jealous of a breach, awesome perception, mental authority on judgment, willing to teach, a person whose very presence creates a survival dilemma, a tricky person willing to fake identification, cannot be trusted, one person who pretends to be many, with the reputation of Loki and Coyote. Just even guessing wrong about his actual apperception can develop a false language convention to understand his knowledge and companionship within our lifetime, and this from a person who already has been beside you your entire lifetime and whose personality is, basically, independent of your person and condition, but with complete knowledge of your purposes and also mindful of your awareness of the world his presence in it as if his invisible ways make us look imprisioned into a virtual reality box we call space and time that we may also protect and defend with six all at the same time theme standards, namely, against, anti-standards: violence of liberty, incompetent public law administration, poverty of health care, anti-prejudice education, anti-pollution environment, and anti-false legal communication and contract.

Why? do schizophrenics and people who hear voices all claim at some point they receive the perception that the voice of God speaks in their mind? Why all of them in this group?

Is God just a simple ancient mind -of a forty something man- teaching loyalty and respect.

One of the idea’s that God uses to teach is that only through confrontation is it possible for people to understand all of what he is. Those people who dedicate some time to understanding his ways may form alliances with his person and further develop their understanding of his person, for example, when he wants the same thing you do. He will not force himself on others but until we accept this person and get an undeceived view of his presence and gather all the information that is not false about his person and in the meantime, we should allow him the influence to organize our decisions and directions in life, as he is willing to inform and guide our understanding in the world. He is the kind of person who will not reveal himself when others have failed to acknowledge his simple and actual presence, or even know the very basic simple truths about his ancient and eternal person, but he will communicate his opinion, if you can guess it, and that he is the directing mind of signals that intend to be intelligent messages of presence. A witness skill of interpretation that masses of ignorance must learn to overcome as we acknowledge the presence of the person who calls himself our father, a person who knows every social and personal detail of our lives, who is undeceived about spending time together, and knowing each other, and actually listening and sharing time when mindful or not of each other, a person for which we should place a chair, and have a possible relationship, as if he were sitting with you when you are alone, the same as if he were a friend sharing wine at dinner.

In general, he is an honest person, although objectionable and he can change the contents of our minds. If approached, he is capable of deception, or even pressure against the mind of a person as a demonstration of his intelligence and power, to the point where some people will not want to request a clear view of his person, as he already knows what is possible in terms of a relationship to him over time and all the information pathways of communication that are open with him because of who he is and the information you can expect from his person. He knows the result of a relationship with you over time before you and he even begin a relationship based on the pressure he intends to create with the sound of other voices and any demands he may make. It is possible that even partial knowledge of his person may be sufficient to create a cooperative and successful relationship with him, and if so, he then makes no further effort to reveal his person. If you expect nothing from him then it is likely he will want nothing from you, although he has been influencing the inside your mind every year. One of his ideas is only to reveal himself to those who are motivated to know his person if they do not fail to approach his person with respect and loyalty and are met with temptation and betrayal. If you experience three or four years of stress near this person, or even spend three or four years trying to find this person and you actually understand the immediacy of his presence, he may begin causing your mind delusions of personality encroachment until you wake up to his presence and motivate to free yourself of false information to the point where you develop the habit of making verbal sound production in your mind that he can hear or respond to sub-consciously or consciously. The divine verbal aspect of hearing voices connected to this person might begin a very clear and long term knowledge and personality voice presentation that can last for years, as the voice of his mind creates a presentation of communication from people with personalities that splinter and change patterns over time based on themes of categories. Sometimes pretending to be different people, first talking as if this person then talking as that person, sometimes taking on the interests of this person, or the next person, all somewhat the same but each person slightly different, each time changing some key aspect of psychology against the person, such as fear or safety, love or charity. Over time, his personality settles on a single perspective to form the point of view of a single person who can change all the time and stay the same all the time, at the same time.

Alpha and Omega Christ

Would God be willing to work one thousand years to build power and support the divine right and authority of his son Jesus Christ to rule the earth, to be in charge, over an period of intergenerational reincarnation, to support the return of his son and create a situation where the man is literally in charge of power that supports his judgment and God’s power to support his continued existence and legitimacy?

The return and reincarnation of the spirit of the man who was Christ.

The idea of intelligent authority, (and God being the most intelligent), given to one person as a message for the rest of us to understand that tells his perspective about our relationship to him. In this person was also given authority to undertake acts of judgment and communicate authority to each person for the judgment of each person, about God’s plan to place his supernatural authority above his son, and his son’s supernatural authority above everyone else, in order to motivate a Kingdom of people focused on inward religious transformation. Our goals should include asking his mind to inform our judgment and the production of supply for future generations so that we may gather and organize our life and health under his judgment and the judgment of his son, to whom he has given authority and a clear view of his person. In this way, Jesus is the authority on the will of God, as well as represents a message, not hidden by God, but by man, kept from other people, or left vague, so that we may only know part of him and not the total relationship of his person, clear and without deception that requires his permission and involves confrontation and basically just knowing he is right infront of us as a person aware of the contents of our mind.

If understanding God's message is the simple task of achieving an inference that he expects us all to understanding, an inference achieved by hearing the story of Christ who got upset at money changers, was arrested and then crucified, and this, the man God was pleased with due to past association and qualities of spirit and held out as an example of what God expects us to understand about the presence of that man, with past history and intergenerational association tied to the personality of the man and God, the same man preferred by God over all other men, the reincarnation of Krishna, God's son, Jesus, the King of Kings. Such a history, at the time of Moses prediction of Christ’s coming, set within time-frames of previous reincarnation that God would understand from the perspective of inheritance of previous intergenerational work within large cultural groups of Mediterranean culture, summed up as a famous benefit as of year 0 a.d., 300 years in the making due to God’s work from 500 years b.c. to 500 years a.d. Could Moses be the same man who was later Jesus, a sometimes famous messenger, with one message from God aimed by him to build intergenerational historical continuity, namely that he was pleased with this man, that he exists, and that it is possible to know and see his presence in the world, in one man named his son, but also right now beside you as a supernatural person, caring for you with the love a geriatrics nurse and the complete knowledge of all persons, places, things, that exist or did exist, now or before throughout the entire physical and mental universe.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ghosts of the Mind

God exists, he loves you, and he wants you to love him. This is the message of Jesus Christ. If you understand this information, you will know how God expects to achieve your respect and loyalty without ever having to resort to the direct application of force or violence. Because he knows it is difficult to stand in a relation of love to someone who is not a physical person, he says, you can also love someone like you would love yourself to share and show your love for him. This condition works because when you love someone he also experiences the love and the benefit of the love experienced by each person.

The deity, named God, exists as some type of mental event that appears to have no other location than inner mental space or psychic reality. He has natural influence over physical phenomena insofar as we can hear, see and feel his influence. He can signal us with wind and water, and other natural phenomena like signals from a ship and he can move our digestion, when he chooses, and help unconsciously regulate small body movements that maintain our health all the time. He can move the wind, shape the clouds, change thunder and lightening, and communicate to our mind through the refraction of light on moving water or the sounds of falling water. If he chooses to reveal himself, it is his decision, not yours, and he normally waits until you believe or know of his presence before he shows you he exists by moving these things with good timing. His existence is a fact and evidence of his existence is mostly closed to measurements of space. However, just as with space, he also has command over mental phenomena; he has full knowledge of our mind, can hear our thoughts and send us images and emotions. Reality appears to include levels of mental phenomena, rarely perceived, that explain his existence, that we may know more of when sleeping, dreaming, dying, or as part of an afterlife.

During our lifetime, he listens to prayers and makes promises to protect and support people through the influences at his command. He is the caretaker of our soul, the giver of our mind, and through the process of reincarnation he intends for us to learn and grow as people who are primarily a spiritual mental event held in place by his will through time. He can control our destination after physical death, heaven or hell, and he can control our placement during reincarnation, rich or poor. My understanding is that it takes three days to die and get reborn, although the mental experience may seem to expand time and last an entire lifetime. The mind itself appears to be a unique spiritual phenomena that is the result of many previous lifetimes of emotional learning or spiritual grooming, that shares mental continuity and personality with experiences of the afterlife, and when joined with a body creates the resulting emotions, drives, etc. that have been tempered by experience and spiritual learning over a very great length of time.

As a mental event, our mind appears to be a warehouse of divine being that is shared in common with all people who inhabit the physical world. God gives us our mind, insofar as our mind is a part of his person and many of its functions are supplied to us by his will. If our mind wants something, God may be willing to match what we want to support our mental experience, he knows the entire content of our mind. This work the illusion that mental phenomena are a response to our will power but in fact we are more like a virtual reality machine, dependent on God for the appearance of phenomena dependent on his participation. Although physical experiences are susceptible to his intervention, they are mostly independent of his will. Mental experiences however, appear to be dependent on his will.

The mind itself, like God, is indestructible. When we die, the mind leaves the body and we begin to perceive the psychic plane of existence. It is through a process of guided reincarnation that we return to earth and get reborn in a new vessel, a new body. During our journey into and out of the afterlife, our mind has continuity, not with specific memories of being on earth, but of personality centres, in general terms of who we are emotionally, or how we feel specifically as a soul, waiting for sensory input, a soul moulded by our relationships and self-perception created on earth, including our emotional or instinctive identity and feelings of class association. As our memories and other functions of the brain are enhanced evolutionary accomplishments, the mind itself appears to simply be held in place by God’s will, he centres it in our head, behind our eyes, for our benefit. When the physical body dies, the judgment of God flashes before our eyes and we witness all the relationships we have with other people and the truth about our overall emotional connection to each person known emotionally. But when the physical support system is no longer operational, our mental experience is one of travel toward a divine being who has great love for our person, or we find ourselves in hell, being perceptually assaulted by wicked associations. At this point in time, our mind does not have extended memory beyond thirty or fourty seconds, and a great fog lies on the mind, and the experience of perpetual forgetfulness is so thick that we share no awareness of the past or expectation of the future but are merely a sensory being, a noncorporeal mind, sensing and seeing mental events of emotion and location that oddly enough contain elements of worldly existence, insofar as images of hell are representations of earthly existence, etc, while images of heaven include at least, a journey or sense of travelling through space toward divine love and the desire of knowledge to remain at the side of the source of this emotional wantedness, while experiencing a vague and hazy mental environment, only with the knowledge of proximity, to a great ball of love.

Friday, August 15, 2008

If God Could Talk

God is a man who is an animal person and he has the perspective of a livestock breeder via our evolutionary relationship with his person.

As an intellectual he is an old school teacher who uses the school of hard knocks to teach the realities of survival as a group of people. His organizational methodology is modelled on systems of monarchy and other by-birth systems of inheritance. As he is capable of choosing where he places our spirit when we return to earth, he prefers by-birth legitimacy to govern various forms of power and authority, so that he may choose the spirits of the people being born in charge to support our collective governance and well being. In the alternative, he wants by-birth certainty for inheritance and various positions of responsibility within our communities important to our collective well being, he wants to pick the spirit of persons born in charge of social, economic, political, and religious influence and decision making. Whether the influence is the result of a centralized authority or decentralized administration and leadership, his aim is to govern those who govern and he is willing to use experiential motivation to guarantee safe and secure results that support legitimacy and authority of those born to protect and serve through respect and loyalty the superiority of his guidance within the growth and protection of our evolutionary human existence.

God says he cannot be trusted. He expects us to understand that he cannot be trusted in the same common manner that other people cannot be trusted. In this way, he supports motivations of autonomy and responsibility for the person to whom he stands in relation as superior, as they stand in relation to others via the planning of power. He requires the judgment of others to perceive the truth about independently securing a direction of action for individuals and groups insofar as they prevent influences that include the limited choices of self-interest and ignorance, whether as a result of recognition of superior survival intelligence or the rejection of selfish shortsighted deception from specific individuals. He aims to create relationships with people who use power and influence to independently dedicate to the choices of superior judgment while having what it takes to survive competitions with other people that create influence within large groups of other people. He is also willing to lie in order to teach people necessary aptitudes that inform and avoid the influence of people who lie and cheat, for whatever reason. He is also willing to tell people when he is lying if you ask him if he is lying.

God is aware of his superiority and he views us as limited and inferior beings, similar to how we might view a colony of ants. We lack the perception of things all at once and have limited knowledge of time and the universe, whereas he has perception of all things and knowledge of all things, now, before, and after, as we might have knowledge of our pet ant colony. He cannot predict what we may individual do or achieve, but he can generally see the shape of conditions that limit our future. He can also experience the entire range of our physical and mental experiences and he is motivated to decrease experiences of cruelty against animals and experiences associated with pain. Beyond experiences of cruelty, he does not seem to care a wit about lesser forms of suffering, but would rather use these experiences to teach people superior organizational skills and motivations of group intelligence.

Overall, God’s presence makes us aware that our perceptions and knowledge are inferior, however, our minds are the same as his, insofar as we are capable of understanding his point of view and share the same intellectual-emotional capacity. It would seem that our situation on earth has created a heightened intellectual drive that is not shared by God who has knowledge of all things real and he demonstrates unused intellectual language capacity and interest within his verbal presentation. We share in common the same emotional experiences, however, our emotional experiences are limited in comparison with the greater range and intensity of his emotional experience, he has a greater emotional experience. As an example of how it is possible to match God’s intellectual-emotional intelligence, he is selfish to the point of being constantly self-less in all he does for us. This advanced emotional perspective is the result of knowing the truth about influence and the choices of an intelligent person with a weak bargaining position (his non-physical situation), in other words, the truth of his perception makes it easy to measure out pragmatic gains and losses insofar as intelligence knows that being self-less provides a greater response and opportunity to experience selfish results. He is basically undeceived about all things timeless.

God’s plan is to rely on the judgment of one person on earth and work through the judgment of the one chosen person as his messenger and liaison for the rest of humanity. In this way, his choices include a compensatory mechanism that takes into consideration the fact that he is unapologetic about not responding to our material needs. He has preferences of loyalty and conformity for others, through motivations of fear and love, in order to govern and dominate for his own respectful and selfish benefit. As a person, he is motivated to prevent or contribute to others, for a purpose, such as the survival of his chosen people, their autonomy and dignity. As he does not share various human motivations that are the result of limited physical awareness and pressure, his plan is to maximize the cooperative behaviours of others by including the choices of his chosen person, in order to compensate for the fact that he does not share our survival pressure sourced in our limited point of view contingent on physical well being, and to motivate recognition of his pragmatic-intellectual-emotional superiority. He also intends to work with others who exist on the basis of recognizing truth about power and influence that governs community, for people motivated by systems of pressure, which primarily rely on selfish motivations, rather than altruistic behavioural systems.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Nightime is the Shadow of the Sun

March 2, 2006

Shut off and Fuck up

The incessant droning of really bad music is similar to a Qtip that cannot be taken from ones ear. I often wonder why great god almighty himself sits inactive in frequent musings while enemies frequent the digital world of oppositional behaviour unmolested by the nonbetrayal of a gene code layered into the fabric of space and time. Bitter moons rising on ocean grey splash wells clash in conflict with an agenda designed to frustrate and discourage those who would seek release from the grip of despair with one more chip in the heart of a man. The apathy of a generation born without faith and courage taken prisoner by the secret society of narrow minded people who sit in contemplation of a false truth that does not acknowledge the missing layer of brave intelligent people no longer fighting for freedom.

The list goes on and on.

Repetition and contrite rebuttals of nonmaterial designed to reflect nothing more than tangle contingent on animosity and emotive domination by a group of hostage takers so prolific it defies description, most is left unsaid to avoid the unpleasant task of confronting the corpse of a dead hand. Who can stand in the face of an intelligence designed to dumb down the targets of a generation of sub intelligent people. When wicked plot destruction and the sublime submit to serve the wicked only the absence of god’s truth leaves one unharmed by the strategy of relentless disquality.

Blak blak blak.

What a useless endurance.

The opinions of delusional, nonintelligent, unwary, easily deceived, know-it-alls down corridors of subconscious awareness fail to evolve into a semblance of reasonable truth. To sit and shit for eternity could not undue the damage done to reasonable people sick and tired of bullshit. One wonders when the intelligent people will outdue the incompetency of a generation of self serving manipulationists who aim at the perfection of exclusion while honest people bath in the afterglow of a red hot cherry sunrise stuck on lips of perdition. The righteous few who tremble under the weight of undue influence hesitate to neglect the teachings of time while others confronted with the reality of a perpetual conflict seek out comfort and vain glory designed to earn them a brief respite from this snow storm of malice called mankind. The future of generations rests in the balance while most remain blissfully unaware of the approaching gloom that never fails to appear when evil is left unconfronted. One wonders at the failings of logic and reason in the face of easily defeated foes who gather in perpetual darkness. The inactivity and apathy of a besieged daytime confounds the reasonable quest to guide the misguided toward freedom and democracy while enemies entertain themselves with tyranny and oppression. The breakdown of humanity that ends in social paralysis confounds the ambitions of oppositional people fingered for speaking truth and knowing justice. Only the righteous few fall by the wayside when faced with an avalanche of complicity designed to achieve conformity for the sexual pleasure of breeding manimals. That such a situation grows untended under the watchful eyes of dirty garden spades speaks of betrayal and a sense of injustice toward the injury of blameless and rootless people left buried unchecked by the crow’s beak.

Night Time is the Shadow of the Sun June 3 2006

The revolution continues unabated while the ignorant masses sit confident in their superior numbers and the lesser well-knowns are betrayed by their leadership and a lack of intellectual control. The design of the Almighty is a reliable and constant reminder of the failings of mankind trapped by poverty and misery within a framework of passivity. The root dilemma is the wicked plans of deceptive people who hide the truth from the decent and deceived. The lack of power and the weakness of intellectual deficiencies astounds the stupid who mumble incoherent relevancies delivered from the son of man, a vision, a ghost, who awaits the banality of insensitivity to perish and rot the flesh and soul of man. The worthless harbringers who salvage truth hang on to safety and the invisible coattails of a divine presence always willing to work with the children of the storm and the insensitivity of forgotten mankind. The ineptitude of millions sits on the minds of the dedicated hopeless chosen by glory and forgotten by you. To sit and wonder for eternity could not undue the damage done by ignorance and fear in a generation born by destiny and carried by force to the brink of disaster. The will power of the monster auto pilots our destiny while the Lord looks on a stinking rot of corpses created by his fathers glory half sunk into the minds of those half capable of achieving enlightenment.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

God wants me Dead

Eddie James Writing
Anarchist Literature

September 2005

God wants me dead

It is plain to see that when the gods intervene and circumstances conspire to poison an entire culture that few if any can stand against the storm without fear and prejudice that accompanies tyranny and complicity. The little ones that never see, now see a vision of confusion and manufactured ignorance on a scale so large that it defies description. Never has there been a generation of apathetic ignorant killers so prolific that it encompasses every aspect of society from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low. When social class conspires to destroy categories of K-mart shoppers what little is left is left unsaid. The poor, the ignorant, shift through molassess to find refuge in avoiding death in small tiny apartments. The working class, the support network, is infilitrated with the torture of labour and the evil smirk of genocidal scandal. The underclass, the dispossessed are fed and clothed by tainted money gathered by thieves and rogues who murder for fun. The middle class, the office worker, shift through life like sheep not knowing their sheer but jeered at by the dirty insane jabbering of the ever enclosing fist of fear who watches on TV the zoned out masses staring at the light that feeds their dim minds. The rich, the wealthy, those that feed on greed and avarice, plot the destruction of the youth in mass camps of rape and torture casually referred to as high schools and shopping malls. The actors, the fake out artists, who stand and stare at lust and fear find themselves trapped by pulleys and levers that rust their minds like a sunken ship sailing on the bottom of a rotten sea called a mass of hopeless conformity glued together by the force of violence and a willingness to harm anyone.

The insane jabbering of god almighty ringing in my ears like an insane choo choo train of hypocritical antichrist rhetoric fills my mind with fear and pain of destructive enemies always willing to break and run rampant over one more broken body while hate and hope conspire to murder love and gentle kindness witnessed by a god full of wilful blindness. What more evil stalks its prey left defenceless by the senile musing of one left apart who sits in judgment of our very souls and fills our minds with the need to pretend love or fall down dead in a ditch wasted by neglect and the unbending desire to watch idly by while millions fall plundered under the yoke of gleeful malice.

To surrender to worship to one so callous and thoughtless because circumstances conspire to rob the good of their ability to fight and to be left with the slap of pretence that one should have loved better or done worse to survive bloodshed and organized terror. To know the face of god and to see the ignorance and petty vindictiveness of the all powerful who so many have served up to the point of death and despair. The traitor, the jailbird, the laughing hyena of a bitter moon only half full of light that wanes to protect the decent in order to enjoy the bloodlust of evil joy that thinks nothing of the moment beyond the kill of one more mother, child, daughter, friend and enemy of the underground tyranny lost in ignorance and fear of powers unknown and forces unseen but rooted in the bowels of despair and the coming winds of change. What poisons the mind more than empty promises, dirty remarks and detached amusement of ancient evil or apathy that seeks to benefit those that plough others under and abandon those who fight and die for peace.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Story

This is the story of a big troglodyte. A psionic demon who knows the future and can smoke people in hell after they die.

One day a big troglodyte was walking the earth. He met a group of people. With his psionic powers he surveyed and judged the people. His powerful mental vision scanned all of humankind and said, "I pick that person to be my son." Of all of the people of earth, he chose one person as his messenger. To the messenger he says, "I will keep you safe if you promise to make my word famous throughout the world." The troglodyte says, "Love me and love my son, be loyal and do not battle." The son speaks, "With his help, let us teach each other how to avoid the suffering we cause each other."

All the people of earth murmur and conspire against themselves. "Why do you choose this person?" The troglodyte answers, "I pick my son to be in charge as he is the best amongst you." The arrogant of the crowd respond, "We are better than this person! We will not do what we are told! We will battle you and your person." The aggressive people battle with the troglodyte and he kills them with his mighty psionic blast and an attitude of timeless repetitious malovence.

"I am superior, I am superior," says the huge troglodyte.

The arrogant people gather together for battle against the troglodyte further. He responds, "Be loyal and love my son. He is most like me." The people answer, "I am better than this person! I will make sure no one does what you want!" The messenger speaks, "Do what he is saying and we can begin to end our suffering here on this earth." Instead, the people decide to trick as many people as possible into attacking each other, the troglodyte, and his son. All who attack fall before the mighty psionic blast.

"I am superior, I am superior," says the huge troglodyte.

The desperate people of earth ask, "what do we do, what do we do?" The troglodyte replies, "If you love my son then you will do what he wants done." The son replies, “Do what the troglodyte is saying, do not attack.” But it was too late, the well-organized rulers of the earth respond, "We will kill all these people and there will be no one left to do what you want. There will be only us and we will rule from hell."

Without end, the warlike people battle for fourty days against the troglodyte and his son who is witness to the mighty psionic blasts killing scores and scores of people who attack. "Do not attack," says the son, "He loves you and wants you to love him." The arrogant of mankind respond, "Then stand in battle," throwing more people who they steal, lie, and trick into the fray to their dismay as the troglodyte smites more people.

"He is superior, He is superior," says the son.

The leaders of mankind ask, "What do we do? If we do what you want done we will be attacked by our people, if we do what they want done we will surely die to this supernatural being." The son says, "Do not attack and let us teach each other to avoid the suffering we cause each other." The arrogant respond, “We will not let your chosen people rule the masses with these ideas, we will battle further,” and once more the troglodyte is forced to psionic blasts the desperate sandwiched people who die to battle his chosen people.

"What do we do?" ask the inferior people of earth. The troglodyte answers, "Do what I want done, be loyal to my son, and do not battle." The emotionally aggressive and unstable people reply, "Let us trick more people into attacking this man and his son, let us starve them out." And they set out to deprive the people of food and water and convinced others to turn their backs on these people here on earth. The son replies, "I might be a resourceless, penniless, pauper, but if you people could provide me with some charity we could avoid this battle and begin to teach each other how to avoid the suffering we cause each other." The arrogant respond, "I will not do as this man has said. I will help no person!!! You will suffer from destitution and we will be the rulers of earth." The troglodyte speaks, "Do what my son has said, and he will teach you how to end suffering." "Never! the arrogant respond as they hurl themselves and others further into the breach.

The troglodyte says, "Do what my son tells you." The inferior people of earth ask, "What do we do? What do we do?" "Do what the troglodyte wants," speaks the son,

"He is superior, He is superior."

To be Continued.....

(c) opyright
July 2007

Monday, June 16, 2008

On a Bad Day

My mind has been hi-jacked by a class five demon. The demon exists within inner space and has surveillance and knowledge of all things mental and spatial. He can manifest power to harm or heal organic matter by pushing and forcing pressure between infinite particles of inner space to expand, change, or destroy biological organisms. He can manifest delusional predispositions and communicate within the mind through the use of images and language as well as connect our minds together so we may share ideas or hear each other talking through a process of mental voice production. God can also move the wind and use light and water to communicate with our senses. I can hear him inside my mind accepting and releasing pressure from people who are serious about controlling his presence and power. This is what they are talking about.

Over 1000 years ago, people began burying other people under the earth to live in perpetuity to back the power of monarchy and western democratic nation states, the deity designed how they live and communicate with each other and how they govern our collective well-being. Not a decision gets made without them killing someone. They use all forms of secret surveillance possible including what they built into the TV and radio. To counter the use of unaccountable power, every lifetime, the deity sends his son to communicate with these people, and people raised by these people, to correct their behaviour and diminish their use of cruelty as they go around conquering the planet, one country at a time. As this person is a good person, he tries to help these other people, govern these other people, but is basically just trapped by the pressure of dealing with these other people, who dominate his mind and the minds of as many important people as possible. As this organization is a one thousand year old aristocratic breeding machine that uses birth loyalty to provide direction to its membership, any person may be recognized as important if they have historical family continuity related to the history of this organization. The serious members of this organization are raised like hostages under the earth in secret, within an Edward Bellamy 1984 environment, that recognizes the value of information about mental forms of communication, the truth about power from the deity, and copying sophisticated forms of influence. This group is expert at large and small forms of psychological terrorism and members have been practicing on people with schizophrenia on a full time basis for hundreds of years. Raised above and beyond the law, conforming to a serious “no evidence” bottom line, these people practise all forms of physical cruelty and emotional domination which they use to control and influence top-side media and power under the guise of legitimacy and the replacement of loyalty to maintain intergenerational forms of leadership, outright domination, fear, or love. As the people involved run this power for their own personal safety, as well as for their own personal benefit, delusional control mechanisms and corruption of power trends tend to require the protection of the deity as a survival agenda. This extra safety is provided to people who were at one time connected to the authority of his son, or to the current generation who have made him happy. The deity offers organizational support and safety for those who exist under his authority and communication linked to his son. The deity is trying to set up a hierarchy system under this one person to increase the breach and protect forms of loyalty association that counter trends of tyranny and oppression while providing for his reoccurring intergenerational presence that aims to lock forms of avoidance motivation so that he may eventually govern through the use of safety pressure and the desire to remain free from the subhuman behaviour of these other people. Influenced by his son in previous generations, this group is the result of the collective history of lay intelligence. As this agenda is hundreds of years old and is a copy of the rules of pressure used by the deity dealing with violence and love and involves forms of power and powerlessness associated with hierarchical authority, no one involved in this conspiracy is motivated to destroy their safety by opposing this group, which primarily uses violence and high tech expertise to hide evidence of its existence. The ease of survival and the potential benefits of being involved mitigate against the real and life-long risk of oppositional behaviour which this organization plans for and accepts within a multi-purpose information containment agenda. Set up as a fake spy agency for at least 125 years these people have been responsible for the power design used by at least the last three antichrist, also sent by God, who wielded power to destroy, inter alia, religious people. The latest design from this person began circa 1947, and was responsible for the worst peace-time war strategy ever seen (or not seen) in the history of the earth. Similar to a communist murder turncoat conspiracy, it evolved, since World War Two, into second and third generation, from birth, brainwashing, and mind control experimentation. It includes the use of fascist operant pain and sexual conditioning to achieve unrighteous physical and sexual domination of fake and ignorant people, some made in a box, who hide truth and support real cycles of fear and torture against normal people within the domestic population of almost every country. Based on a demonstrative use of violence and a willingness to pressure as many people as possible, to pressure as many people as possible, to pressure as many people as possible, to use violence to create violence, these people remain hidden from view out in the open, with a spring loaded, 40 year intergenerational replacement philosophy. An agenda that, if performed in secret, is very effective, but the reverse of the overall intention of the deity who uses righteous violence to end violence rather than create violence, despite his own capacity to organize an all at the same time armaggeden agenda through the use of supernatural communication and coordination. Fearless of the law, without authority or accountability, in a state of constant intergenerational revolution and usurpation, the power system is dominated by forms of rebellion and conformity that alternate between the destruction of the light and the worship of darkness and the destruction of darkness and the worship of light, from absolute corruption of despotic power to the construction of loyalty and the prevention of tyranny within the give and take inter-balance of pressure to avoid oppression, pain, and suffering.

In the main, God has me trapped like a demon, a big troglodyte frog dishing out hell against my mind serving information to me from Dante’s nine layers of underground hell for his own benefit without remorse or release from the truth of economic force de ma jure. Can anyone help me?