Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jesus Christ Club

Free World,
Supernatural Ghost Voices the end of time when I was listening to other people talk, met god, he didn't tell me his name, got promises about communication from him and have been listening to angels and devils ever since arguing about safety information inside my mind with moments of clairvoyance and communication with other people also talking in their mind on earth and everyone at the same time talking to a being named God who said I was like his son Jesus Christ and selected me as his favourite person and if you believed I was his son Jesus Christ that God would open clairvoyance to you and show you his son in your mind so you could build a relationship to him through his son. And this after being approached by the sun and the wind in the clouds and the rain by a deity of compassion and vengeance who wants to govern in favour of love and might for righteous people on this earth but is currently under attack by a government military computer who has muffled his communication and robbed us of his presence.
I thought it necessary to defend our religion through the use of three standards, they are: anti-violence, anti-incompetency, and anti-false, and three more, they are: anti-poverty, anti-prejudice, and anti-pollution.