Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Return of the Frog

God told Jesus to say three things, 1. ...that he exists, 2. ...that he loves you, and 3. ...that he wants you to love him. For this, Christ, who prophesy his own second return, was persecuted and killed, for giving out God's message of truth. Eddie James has been battling schizophrenia since March of 2003 and diagnosed major mental illness in 2005 and he is now on a lifetime disability. Prior to this time he was receiving spiritual information from a person who appeared to be in the wind, but now has the problem of hearing voices, and one voices always claims the personal identity of the person named God. He enjoys the experience with a few exceptions but is stuck with a crazy story and tons and tons and tons of information. This blog is not unusual for people with schizophrenic experiences and I hope that others can learn from it or share in the crazy information that is his attempt to recreate the worldview that is shared by the few voices he can hear talking nonsense in his head. Before his illness, the author was working at becoming a lawyer and sometimes writing about politics and economics. His recovery and return is a creative writting project that, I hope, somewhat roughly matches a diplomatic-historical-bibilical experience, if you add in the information that all religious experiences take place near the mouth of a cave or large subterranean mountain, similar to Jules Vernes, Journey to the centre of the Earth, Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, or just the pits of Isaiah. With knowledge of this pressure, reread the bible or other religious documents for a new understanding of war, whether it be China's Buddha, India's Krishna, or Persia's Zoroster. My motto, respect Jesus Christ and may God save your life. i hope you enjoy the blogs.

Here is an image from a book from a fellow voice hearing person Emanuel Swedenborg circa 1770's.

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