Monday, July 13, 2009

Corn: Do Not Stalk

I pray to the deity voice, and am like a lamb for sacrifice, in my way and strategy, as I perceive these voices do coordinate and attack from a central intelligence perspective, I have never harmed anyone, despite God’s requirement to do so, to get rid of bad voices, through voice stories, I vicariously did not attack in the spiritual homes of sadistic fascists and satanic terrorists throughout the western world, in part, and knowing about it under the earth through divine revelation, a battle of heaven and hell. This was done by birthright chance and the divine use of voices and the invisible one minded ancient man deity, who protected many bones down the bottom of a deep dark well, without assistance or resistance, and has loved some women, backward or forward, but not those who fight to destroy what is right for other people, of which he has no partial view.

As a witness, I stand in life against all others in support of do not harm and do not attack, at all, not one time, ever, the innocent and blameless, and to reject all forms of identity fraud, but to take your chances on your own, and counter despotism. The very opposite of the voice conspiracy. And I get a good percentage of serious people, through reports from the voices, who do not attack, although the not serious stand around and act like targets of the militantly non-violent, trying to give peaceful people a reason to get counter assaulted, including evil forms of spiritual survelliance, and attacks from amazon women.

I pray as in the day of Isahia, for God to one more time, smite the enemy, with an all at the same time armaggeden, and destroy the liars who pursue my good door in pursuit of a conspiracy against the very soul of the spiritually non-violent and weak, from the historically situated mainstream Rasputin family mafia, and organized crime, whether centralized or decentralized, whether on the internet or in the building next door, as we all lay submerged under this malestrom of grief that is the continuing saga of the royal family of Europe, and the stupidity of those who put their will above the Lord despite the blindness of Rasputins power system, or Satan’s ass as some would have it, the anti-chrisy.

The royals are not that bad, compared with evil usurpation, if God protects our life, and our ears, I swear on it, now and again, it works.

A word of hope: for those who do not accept God’s presence as unbearable grief and schizophrenic voices, lies never work all the time, its amazing, while the truth will work once in a while, or if necessary to protect lambs and family, have faith in God’s goodness and mercy, and reject the enemy in your head and organize your life to avoid fools and victims.

When confronting voices I found that erring on the side of caution made emotional sense. Anyone else want to err on the side of caution and plan as if the voices centralize under some all to human Rasputin power system that attacks schizophrenics like a military peace-time domestic demographic counter-doppelganger war, or whaterever happens in your head, or whatever happens in the heads of people you know with hearing voices.

(c) opyright 2009

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