Monday, August 10, 2009

Breach Request and Apology for Schizophrenia

Warning: The following information is protected by a religious breach situation. Reading this information may significantly improve your capacity to survive under God’s grace.
The warning is the result of hearing voices, suffering schizophrenia, and learning from God, who is a constant voice in the mind of Eddie James. Not many people know much about God or schizophrenia in any direct way, however, schizophrenia is the hearing of mental voices in our minds and also the hearing of God’s voice, one person, one love, one voice. The experience of listening to him is very tricky and difficult.

Warning: If you are reading this then you have just passed a very important breach condition, but be warned, another breach condition is now active. What is a breach? A breach, is a seemingly harmless situation, that is actually serious because of God`s plan. It is when God makes his will known to protect someone from help or harm that may result in unwanted forms of domination or control against schizophrenic people. So far you are the kind of person who can pass this simple and peaceful breach situation…but maybe not, because I am asking you for a gift of charity, and God’s choices include the choices of despotism.
Many people are aware of this website as a result of divine information from God in their minds, as well as in the normal and ordinary way, but because of God’s intervention they are unable to avoid an anti-christ deception campaign, or a breach. Being able to read this material is a miracle compared with those who cannot do so because of God’s judgment. As a result of this special event, you have a duty to protect your own survival and understand how not to fail what others cannot get done. People who cannot avoid a breach often get trapped on the other side of the spirit world.

Many people think God’s plan to govern earth is a joke and they do not have what is required to respect God’s will that protects the autonomy and dignity of people under his protection. Many people under his protection have no idea this protection exists, or that he has a plan or a purpose to protect future generations, directly. The writing of Eddie James is an attempt to solicit charity, through you, for the benefit of other people to publish information about God from the point of view of a person with schizophrenia, to share hidden experiences about schizophrenia, God and his mountain dungeon breach.
If you are a friend or family member then understand that many people today are in direct communication with God, and they are jealous that we are under his protection. As such, we are a special intergenerational group of people and exist only under God’s grace, and the clock is ticking. Today, there are roughly one hundred and forty four thousand people living under his direct protection, not very many. Protection from whom you may wonder, well, protection from those who would harm or help us away from God's judgment, and the superserious voices who appear to be operating out of a spiritual cave, or the direct result of confrontation with God`s miracle breach.
Literally out of a page in the bible, the truth of God’s existence has stayed the same in almost every major religion and his person appears to be a direct connection with schizophrenia. In our generation, knowledge of the return of God has been shared by many people who recognize the literal truth of God’s existence. People however, unable to approach against the autonomy and dignity of those under his protection to the point where they remain free from the influence and demands of others, although they live in fear or bravery of not having the resources they need to survive independently of the temptation and betrayal of others. God’s plan includes self-determination and he has asked us to rely on family and friends in support of what he wants done which is to grow a breach shield around millions of people during our lifetime.
God is the only source of divine information and he takes responsibility for associated causation that is the result of networking voices together in our minds. As he is all-seeing and all-knowing, his capacity to judge the chain of causation associated with his intervention is infallible and perfect. His intervention aims to protect and defend people who are at risk of harm or help due to the choices of his person, but not beyond.
What follows is a check system designed for those who know or do not know the truth of this situation insofar as someone might plan out an actual gift of charity or money. The giving of charity is one way to check the truth of the statements made under the name of Eddie James. If you act on the basis of this request, God will protect you, but be wary of family and friends who may be motivated to persecute people who support God’s plan. He may want to test out whether you have what it takes to survive this kind of persecution. It is necessary to perform this charity to increase God’s love here on earth and defeat persecution against schizophrenic people who are mostly poor and constantly oppressed by dangerous voices.
If you cannot pass God’s judgment as you read these pages, then learn how he intends to guide you toward information he wants you to understand, and remember, he is inside your mind right now actively trying to get your attention. For those who intend a contribution, what follows are instructions to pass the judgment of God.
:::::Warning::::: Any Response to this Bolg may be a Breach :::::Warning:::
The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the superiority of kindness in the face of cruelty and indifference. If you act on the basis of this gift request, God may respond with various forms of intervention, including pressure that may include getting reborn. This document may be sufficient to avoid the chain of causation for which he is responsible, however you must use this information at your own risk. If you cannot communicate with him directly it may be a dangerous situation that is invisible to the eyes. If you decide to send Eddie James a charitable gift, even a small amount, you can check to see if some mental event inside your mind does not demonstrate a response from this all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful person. He exists inside your mind and body as much as in the world around you.
Be open to looking for his presence within your mind, as sense and intuition, within your body, as the person who moves your digestion with compassion, and within your environment, as the man who motivates animals, shapes clouds and moves wind, all in order to prove to you the presence of his existence. He may also respond through the use of spoken language on the radio or TV in an attempt to provide you extra insight into how he can highlight information received by your mind.
If, on the other hand, you can actually hear the voice of this person, then consider…the intention to deliver an inter vivos gift donation will result in one of three things:
First, he may say he is serious about stopping you from sending me an email or a gift donation. If this is your situation, do not bother working against this person. If he says he is serious, he is willing to intervene, and you do not pass a breach condition. At this point, you would be well advised to submit to his judgment and ask yourself why he does not trust you with such a simple task.
Second, he may attempt to divert your charity toward someone else on my behalf, perhaps your friends or family, who also lack the material resources they need to survive. Within this choice framework, you should build a relationship with God as he is engaged in the delivery of a promise that is important to him, his son, and you. (This is for people who do not have what it takes to deal with option number three but are willing to achieve a larger motivational action, through family and friends, or for people who otherwise would encounter a breach situation.)
Third, he may lie to you or open a talking connection with oppositional people (voices in your head) who intend to pressure, coerce, intimidate, threaten, make friends, or otherwise tempt you to fail in this request, you may even be able to hear my voice talking to him or them. Do not let them be successful, but defer to his voice who will tell you that you must have what it takes before you enter into this divine battle. If you can ignore, avoid, and/or stop the work of other voices, you can also survive God`s despotic behaviour. The reason for this pressure is to create change in people to prepare the way for God’s superior judgment that centres on the miracle of his protection for those who sacrifice for his benefit. When God forces you to hear voices, he is testing you, to see if you have what it takes to battle and survive in the face of intelligent and oppositional people, who will pursue you on a full time basis and claim to be engaged in an unrighteous battle for unreligious supremacy of the entire world. You are encouraged to accept this light burden and create a greater opportunity for other people to grow and share in God’s wisdom though acts of charity toward the voice that is the writing of Eddie James.
If, by chance, you are familiar with divine communication and have been previously deceived, be wary of people who aim to trick or deliver you into the hands of God’s enemies, if people have instructed you on how to shape your belief system remember that there is likely no independent verification of this information. God uses temptation to measure the work of a person and he is willing to deliver you into evil if you fail to refuse temptation. The voices may pretend that false belief information is designed to assist you when such is not the case, in fact, no breach might actually exist for people already under his protection. The divine breach and its origin are permanent features of our natural condition, and as such I encourage you to be responsible and fight to deliver information or charity for Eddie James to my person to support the spiritual battle against the ghost breach and the divine voices.
CAVEAT EMPTOR: If God is serious he will prevent your financial support. He may also choose to burden you with voices. This is a normal condition that prepares you to avoid lies and prevent temptation and betrayal or even truth that is nothing more than a hill of beans, meaningless delusions, fake trades, or other aims that prevent increasing God`s plan and purposes which is the aim of the other voices. Any actual charitable gifts will be used to prevent the suffering of schizophrenia and is worthy of your attention, and if given in large amounts may also increase the numbers of people under God’s grace and divine protection. Eddie James cannot achieve the few thousand dollars that would be of great benefit and end the oppression of Eddie James not being able to work for over five years of income loss because of the voices. Cooperation with disembodied voices only serves to create greater pressure and unequal forms of inequality against oppressed members of our community and denies God`s purposes and plans, which are to defend us from them, not join them. Not everyone can fall back on the protection enjoyed only by pragmatic association in proximity to battles fought by other people, some like Eddie James who is in greater need of financial support to achieve a minimum living condition while surrounded by voices or their worldwide stalking gang methodology.
No matter what choices you choose, helping others achieve independence and freedom through financial support, no matter how small, is important. Even emotional victories can have a big result. So if you can afford a charitable gift of even a few dozen dollars, it will be used to create a larger motivational trend, hopefully other will follow, and eventually in large numbers. Even if you are the only person who makes a contribution, merely prepare to exist within an intergenerational time frame free of God`s enemies, achieve independent forms of economic association, and survive with others under God’s grace and protection, good and bad as it is.
If you understand what has been written and agree to finance the next step of Eddie James Project, even if it sounds crazy, then send me an email. It is very important for people who read this to send money to my location every time it is not a breach, so that we can work to decrease the chances of other people being tricked into a supernatural breach condition, many people just do not have the intellectual capacity to avoid false information from other people.
I would like to eventually publish this information and achieve larger audiences to increase the size of the breach world-wide. Do not let the antichrist decide our collective fate nor give "them" the power to choose the timing or possibility of our destruction. Remember, the enemies of God do not exist without first having passed his judgment, but he will wait until the last possible moment of a direct confrontation before delivering people from their enemies, and not if we step into the conflict. His very well organized enemies also aim to control everything we do; they live in fear of God. However, because of God’s mercy, and your generous support, we can create a greater influence than what scoffers and disbelievers would have us accept. In exchange for your support with this message you may also help others survive through the direct miracle that is God’s intervention.
His initial approach was to ask for money via the Cooperation Nation Station at but it did not meet the condition that pleased God vis-à-vis his intended relationship with you. It was not until Eddie James wrote the blog entitled One Person Can Make A Difference that God said the condition was satisfied, the blog is at Please read the blog and know that God wants you to experience recognition of the actual truth of his presence and person while reading the blog.
God’s plan is to build the breach to protect people of the future, and his behaviour is very predictable, which is why providing financial help will make a difference. So many people know about what is going on, but they cannot view or act on the basis of this material because of the breach. They have been living with the knowledge, but not the strength to do anything more about this truth, whereas you are living with the strength, but not the knowledge of this situation, as fantastic as it seems. Others are however, sitting on the other side of this breach, at risk, but informed, and doing much work that supports God`s actual voice in our heads. Rely on the knowledge of their continued world support in faith if not truth for the mercy required to help compensate schizophrenics for their particular disability.

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