Monday, October 27, 2008

My Two Cents

I think these ideas are the most reasonable explanation for the hearing of voices, maybe not the only explanation, but there is not much in the way of contradiction from an experiential point of view. Let me share the insights I have so far because of my struggles with schizophrenia:

There is a voice in my mind, who claims to be an all-seeing, all-knowing person, the same as in the bible and other religions, an ancient person, who sends people delusions and pretends to be many different people or Gods, or who you want him to be, or who you think he is, inside your mind, whether you think he is a spirit, an other-worlder, or just one more voice in your mind. He was always one of the voices that kept things bouncing in my head when I first suffered from this illness, helping me get to stability through discourse intervention, but it was not until everyone shut up and was quiet before I could ask if he was also a voice I could hear in my mind. The medication of the body or brain can reduce the susceptibility of delusional predispositions that he causes, or can get rid of the voices, like a placebo, particularly if the voices are causing you distress, but otherwise, history would suggest that people who hear voices are a natural phenomena, that in other historical times were thought of as being spiritually connected or given a great deal of religious respect.

He mostly appears to be a mental phenomena, i.e. he is invisible, but exists as a mind the same as ours, in psychic space or “inner space,” that exists independent of our physical world. I began hearing voices after learning to create a big mental voice in my mind i.e. talking with a loud voice inside my mind. (really bad idea) since later I developed hearing voices, but apparently he can talk back to us whether audiably or sub-consciously if he chooses. He can fade our perception of other voices up and down by lifting our “sub-conscious” (that is apparently millions of voices talking all at the same time) and this mental event allows for the sharing of sounds with some clarity of other specific mental voices in our mind. He has full knowledge of our mind, and he can hear our thoughts and send us images and emotions for a couple of seconds of time. He also appears to be able to motivate the movement of wind and the quirky digestion of our bodies, and he knows the future, the way we might know what will normally be on TV tomorrow night unless otherwise interrupted.

He is not like the other voices because he is basically a good person, but he is willing to deceive people for the fun of it; he calls us limited and inferior, and he often claims to be under pressure from people who live in mountains or other spy locations, i.e. other people who are also factually aware of his existence. Normally, he is not motivated to talk much but will do so if approached with respect and patience, as if he is standing beside you and already knows everything you do, but not what you are about to say.

Although many people may not take his existence into account when explaining the hearing of voices, every person who has heard of his reputation and fame knows that he is famous in almost every major religion in every different area of the earth, from a long time ago, but never at the same time, and given this situation, I tend to think it possible that he actually exists as a person, a man, caring for our bodies, and a mind, capable of sending mental sense perception, and a voice, able to talk in our minds. Many people believe Jesus was his son, or chosen representative person; so if you suffer from hearing voices, or think he is the cause of your trouble, ask why he picked only one man as his representative and no one else and then listen to the voice or person who responds. He is billions of years old, knows every language, and works as a perfect mental translation machine, and claims to even speak computer. He has respect for our autonomy and dignity but is more intelligent and older than we are, and tells us to fend for ourselves. He is like our father and can experience emotions with us, and he may go and ask you to apologize to someone or make amends for past behaviour. He is also willing to promise people things they ask for if it accords with his domain of actual influence, i.e., mental phenomena, hearing voices, etc., rather than a new car, a thing over which he has no control.

Although there is some evidence that he exists and speaks in our minds, it is mostly testimonial, and there is no science that accounts for the natural phenomena of his presence so he mostly remains hidden from view. Whether this explanation matches the experiences of other voice hearers, only you will know, but I have met enough voice hearers to think that this explanation is the same. p.s. he is a serious person!!! and if the other voices are any indication of what he is like, I intend to stay on his good side. Whether this is real or not, I don't much care, but the rest of the voices are total b.s. and meds can help reduce some of the problems or symptoms associated with hearing voices.

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