Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"To believe something that is not the truth all one has to do is make a mistake about what is possible, what is real, or what is important."

Palefire Note: I am sure that God exists, that he loves you, and that he wants you to love him.

CC: Da love. Accept the truth about Jesus and win battles for God, achieve intergenerational charity and survival for the benefit of his person and his son.

The appearance of being the only person who is friends with the Snuffalufugus is not fun. A constant companion, not real, some audio hallucination that is the result of a dysfunction of the brain, shared by no-one, all alone, while believing in his presence and his companionship and his claim to be in contact with millions of other people, but overall, a really small percentage of worldly population, and the experience of isolation and persecution because of one person being unable to find even one more single person who is having the same experience, or even knows of his existence, and all sworn in secret to make it this way, to bury this person, because of knowledge of this person. But thankful, for all the information collected about his person, same as in the Bible, literally not false, very important and real, owner of no things, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful, jealous of a breach, awesome perception, mental authority on judgment, willing to teach, a person whose very presence creates a survival dilemma, a tricky person willing to fake identification, cannot be trusted, one person who pretends to be many, with the reputation of Loki and Coyote. Just even guessing wrong about his actual apperception can develop a false language convention to understand his knowledge and companionship within our lifetime, and this from a person who already has been beside you your entire lifetime and whose personality is, basically, independent of your person and condition, but with complete knowledge of your purposes and also mindful of your awareness of the world his presence in it as if his invisible ways make us look imprisioned into a virtual reality box we call space and time that we may also protect and defend with six all at the same time theme standards, namely, against, anti-standards: violence of liberty, incompetent public law administration, poverty of health care, anti-prejudice education, anti-pollution environment, and anti-false legal communication and contract.

Why? do schizophrenics and people who hear voices all claim at some point they receive the perception that the voice of God speaks in their mind? Why all of them in this group?

Is God just a simple ancient mind -of a forty something man- teaching loyalty and respect.

One of the idea’s that God uses to teach is that only through confrontation is it possible for people to understand all of what he is. Those people who dedicate some time to understanding his ways may form alliances with his person and further develop their understanding of his person, for example, when he wants the same thing you do. He will not force himself on others but until we accept this person and get an undeceived view of his presence and gather all the information that is not false about his person and in the meantime, we should allow him the influence to organize our decisions and directions in life, as he is willing to inform and guide our understanding in the world. He is the kind of person who will not reveal himself when others have failed to acknowledge his simple and actual presence, or even know the very basic simple truths about his ancient and eternal person, but he will communicate his opinion, if you can guess it, and that he is the directing mind of signals that intend to be intelligent messages of presence. A witness skill of interpretation that masses of ignorance must learn to overcome as we acknowledge the presence of the person who calls himself our father, a person who knows every social and personal detail of our lives, who is undeceived about spending time together, and knowing each other, and actually listening and sharing time when mindful or not of each other, a person for which we should place a chair, and have a possible relationship, as if he were sitting with you when you are alone, the same as if he were a friend sharing wine at dinner.

In general, he is an honest person, although objectionable and he can change the contents of our minds. If approached, he is capable of deception, or even pressure against the mind of a person as a demonstration of his intelligence and power, to the point where some people will not want to request a clear view of his person, as he already knows what is possible in terms of a relationship to him over time and all the information pathways of communication that are open with him because of who he is and the information you can expect from his person. He knows the result of a relationship with you over time before you and he even begin a relationship based on the pressure he intends to create with the sound of other voices and any demands he may make. It is possible that even partial knowledge of his person may be sufficient to create a cooperative and successful relationship with him, and if so, he then makes no further effort to reveal his person. If you expect nothing from him then it is likely he will want nothing from you, although he has been influencing the inside your mind every year. One of his ideas is only to reveal himself to those who are motivated to know his person if they do not fail to approach his person with respect and loyalty and are met with temptation and betrayal. If you experience three or four years of stress near this person, or even spend three or four years trying to find this person and you actually understand the immediacy of his presence, he may begin causing your mind delusions of personality encroachment until you wake up to his presence and motivate to free yourself of false information to the point where you develop the habit of making verbal sound production in your mind that he can hear or respond to sub-consciously or consciously. The divine verbal aspect of hearing voices connected to this person might begin a very clear and long term knowledge and personality voice presentation that can last for years, as the voice of his mind creates a presentation of communication from people with personalities that splinter and change patterns over time based on themes of categories. Sometimes pretending to be different people, first talking as if this person then talking as that person, sometimes taking on the interests of this person, or the next person, all somewhat the same but each person slightly different, each time changing some key aspect of psychology against the person, such as fear or safety, love or charity. Over time, his personality settles on a single perspective to form the point of view of a single person who can change all the time and stay the same all the time, at the same time.

Alpha and Omega Christ

Would God be willing to work one thousand years to build power and support the divine right and authority of his son Jesus Christ to rule the earth, to be in charge, over an period of intergenerational reincarnation, to support the return of his son and create a situation where the man is literally in charge of power that supports his judgment and God’s power to support his continued existence and legitimacy?

The return and reincarnation of the spirit of the man who was Christ.

The idea of intelligent authority, (and God being the most intelligent), given to one person as a message for the rest of us to understand that tells his perspective about our relationship to him. In this person was also given authority to undertake acts of judgment and communicate authority to each person for the judgment of each person, about God’s plan to place his supernatural authority above his son, and his son’s supernatural authority above everyone else, in order to motivate a Kingdom of people focused on inward religious transformation. Our goals should include asking his mind to inform our judgment and the production of supply for future generations so that we may gather and organize our life and health under his judgment and the judgment of his son, to whom he has given authority and a clear view of his person. In this way, Jesus is the authority on the will of God, as well as represents a message, not hidden by God, but by man, kept from other people, or left vague, so that we may only know part of him and not the total relationship of his person, clear and without deception that requires his permission and involves confrontation and basically just knowing he is right infront of us as a person aware of the contents of our mind.

If understanding God's message is the simple task of achieving an inference that he expects us all to understanding, an inference achieved by hearing the story of Christ who got upset at money changers, was arrested and then crucified, and this, the man God was pleased with due to past association and qualities of spirit and held out as an example of what God expects us to understand about the presence of that man, with past history and intergenerational association tied to the personality of the man and God, the same man preferred by God over all other men, the reincarnation of Krishna, God's son, Jesus, the King of Kings. Such a history, at the time of Moses prediction of Christ’s coming, set within time-frames of previous reincarnation that God would understand from the perspective of inheritance of previous intergenerational work within large cultural groups of Mediterranean culture, summed up as a famous benefit as of year 0 a.d., 300 years in the making due to God’s work from 500 years b.c. to 500 years a.d. Could Moses be the same man who was later Jesus, a sometimes famous messenger, with one message from God aimed by him to build intergenerational historical continuity, namely that he was pleased with this man, that he exists, and that it is possible to know and see his presence in the world, in one man named his son, but also right now beside you as a supernatural person, caring for you with the love a geriatrics nurse and the complete knowledge of all persons, places, things, that exist or did exist, now or before throughout the entire physical and mental universe.

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