Friday, June 20, 2008

My Story

This is the story of a big troglodyte. A psionic demon who knows the future and can smoke people in hell after they die.

One day a big troglodyte was walking the earth. He met a group of people. With his psionic powers he surveyed and judged the people. His powerful mental vision scanned all of humankind and said, "I pick that person to be my son." Of all of the people of earth, he chose one person as his messenger. To the messenger he says, "I will keep you safe if you promise to make my word famous throughout the world." The troglodyte says, "Love me and love my son, be loyal and do not battle." The son speaks, "With his help, let us teach each other how to avoid the suffering we cause each other."

All the people of earth murmur and conspire against themselves. "Why do you choose this person?" The troglodyte answers, "I pick my son to be in charge as he is the best amongst you." The arrogant of the crowd respond, "We are better than this person! We will not do what we are told! We will battle you and your person." The aggressive people battle with the troglodyte and he kills them with his mighty psionic blast and an attitude of timeless repetitious malovence.

"I am superior, I am superior," says the huge troglodyte.

The arrogant people gather together for battle against the troglodyte further. He responds, "Be loyal and love my son. He is most like me." The people answer, "I am better than this person! I will make sure no one does what you want!" The messenger speaks, "Do what he is saying and we can begin to end our suffering here on this earth." Instead, the people decide to trick as many people as possible into attacking each other, the troglodyte, and his son. All who attack fall before the mighty psionic blast.

"I am superior, I am superior," says the huge troglodyte.

The desperate people of earth ask, "what do we do, what do we do?" The troglodyte replies, "If you love my son then you will do what he wants done." The son replies, “Do what the troglodyte is saying, do not attack.” But it was too late, the well-organized rulers of the earth respond, "We will kill all these people and there will be no one left to do what you want. There will be only us and we will rule from hell."

Without end, the warlike people battle for fourty days against the troglodyte and his son who is witness to the mighty psionic blasts killing scores and scores of people who attack. "Do not attack," says the son, "He loves you and wants you to love him." The arrogant of mankind respond, "Then stand in battle," throwing more people who they steal, lie, and trick into the fray to their dismay as the troglodyte smites more people.

"He is superior, He is superior," says the son.

The leaders of mankind ask, "What do we do? If we do what you want done we will be attacked by our people, if we do what they want done we will surely die to this supernatural being." The son says, "Do not attack and let us teach each other to avoid the suffering we cause each other." The arrogant respond, “We will not let your chosen people rule the masses with these ideas, we will battle further,” and once more the troglodyte is forced to psionic blasts the desperate sandwiched people who die to battle his chosen people.

"What do we do?" ask the inferior people of earth. The troglodyte answers, "Do what I want done, be loyal to my son, and do not battle." The emotionally aggressive and unstable people reply, "Let us trick more people into attacking this man and his son, let us starve them out." And they set out to deprive the people of food and water and convinced others to turn their backs on these people here on earth. The son replies, "I might be a resourceless, penniless, pauper, but if you people could provide me with some charity we could avoid this battle and begin to teach each other how to avoid the suffering we cause each other." The arrogant respond, "I will not do as this man has said. I will help no person!!! You will suffer from destitution and we will be the rulers of earth." The troglodyte speaks, "Do what my son has said, and he will teach you how to end suffering." "Never! the arrogant respond as they hurl themselves and others further into the breach.

The troglodyte says, "Do what my son tells you." The inferior people of earth ask, "What do we do? What do we do?" "Do what the troglodyte wants," speaks the son,

"He is superior, He is superior."

To be Continued.....

(c) opyright
July 2007

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