Friday, July 4, 2008

Nightime is the Shadow of the Sun

March 2, 2006

Shut off and Fuck up

The incessant droning of really bad music is similar to a Qtip that cannot be taken from ones ear. I often wonder why great god almighty himself sits inactive in frequent musings while enemies frequent the digital world of oppositional behaviour unmolested by the nonbetrayal of a gene code layered into the fabric of space and time. Bitter moons rising on ocean grey splash wells clash in conflict with an agenda designed to frustrate and discourage those who would seek release from the grip of despair with one more chip in the heart of a man. The apathy of a generation born without faith and courage taken prisoner by the secret society of narrow minded people who sit in contemplation of a false truth that does not acknowledge the missing layer of brave intelligent people no longer fighting for freedom.

The list goes on and on.

Repetition and contrite rebuttals of nonmaterial designed to reflect nothing more than tangle contingent on animosity and emotive domination by a group of hostage takers so prolific it defies description, most is left unsaid to avoid the unpleasant task of confronting the corpse of a dead hand. Who can stand in the face of an intelligence designed to dumb down the targets of a generation of sub intelligent people. When wicked plot destruction and the sublime submit to serve the wicked only the absence of god’s truth leaves one unharmed by the strategy of relentless disquality.

Blak blak blak.

What a useless endurance.

The opinions of delusional, nonintelligent, unwary, easily deceived, know-it-alls down corridors of subconscious awareness fail to evolve into a semblance of reasonable truth. To sit and shit for eternity could not undue the damage done to reasonable people sick and tired of bullshit. One wonders when the intelligent people will outdue the incompetency of a generation of self serving manipulationists who aim at the perfection of exclusion while honest people bath in the afterglow of a red hot cherry sunrise stuck on lips of perdition. The righteous few who tremble under the weight of undue influence hesitate to neglect the teachings of time while others confronted with the reality of a perpetual conflict seek out comfort and vain glory designed to earn them a brief respite from this snow storm of malice called mankind. The future of generations rests in the balance while most remain blissfully unaware of the approaching gloom that never fails to appear when evil is left unconfronted. One wonders at the failings of logic and reason in the face of easily defeated foes who gather in perpetual darkness. The inactivity and apathy of a besieged daytime confounds the reasonable quest to guide the misguided toward freedom and democracy while enemies entertain themselves with tyranny and oppression. The breakdown of humanity that ends in social paralysis confounds the ambitions of oppositional people fingered for speaking truth and knowing justice. Only the righteous few fall by the wayside when faced with an avalanche of complicity designed to achieve conformity for the sexual pleasure of breeding manimals. That such a situation grows untended under the watchful eyes of dirty garden spades speaks of betrayal and a sense of injustice toward the injury of blameless and rootless people left buried unchecked by the crow’s beak.

Night Time is the Shadow of the Sun June 3 2006

The revolution continues unabated while the ignorant masses sit confident in their superior numbers and the lesser well-knowns are betrayed by their leadership and a lack of intellectual control. The design of the Almighty is a reliable and constant reminder of the failings of mankind trapped by poverty and misery within a framework of passivity. The root dilemma is the wicked plans of deceptive people who hide the truth from the decent and deceived. The lack of power and the weakness of intellectual deficiencies astounds the stupid who mumble incoherent relevancies delivered from the son of man, a vision, a ghost, who awaits the banality of insensitivity to perish and rot the flesh and soul of man. The worthless harbringers who salvage truth hang on to safety and the invisible coattails of a divine presence always willing to work with the children of the storm and the insensitivity of forgotten mankind. The ineptitude of millions sits on the minds of the dedicated hopeless chosen by glory and forgotten by you. To sit and wonder for eternity could not undue the damage done by ignorance and fear in a generation born by destiny and carried by force to the brink of disaster. The will power of the monster auto pilots our destiny while the Lord looks on a stinking rot of corpses created by his fathers glory half sunk into the minds of those half capable of achieving enlightenment.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

God wants me Dead

Eddie James Writing
Anarchist Literature

September 2005

God wants me dead

It is plain to see that when the gods intervene and circumstances conspire to poison an entire culture that few if any can stand against the storm without fear and prejudice that accompanies tyranny and complicity. The little ones that never see, now see a vision of confusion and manufactured ignorance on a scale so large that it defies description. Never has there been a generation of apathetic ignorant killers so prolific that it encompasses every aspect of society from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low. When social class conspires to destroy categories of K-mart shoppers what little is left is left unsaid. The poor, the ignorant, shift through molassess to find refuge in avoiding death in small tiny apartments. The working class, the support network, is infilitrated with the torture of labour and the evil smirk of genocidal scandal. The underclass, the dispossessed are fed and clothed by tainted money gathered by thieves and rogues who murder for fun. The middle class, the office worker, shift through life like sheep not knowing their sheer but jeered at by the dirty insane jabbering of the ever enclosing fist of fear who watches on TV the zoned out masses staring at the light that feeds their dim minds. The rich, the wealthy, those that feed on greed and avarice, plot the destruction of the youth in mass camps of rape and torture casually referred to as high schools and shopping malls. The actors, the fake out artists, who stand and stare at lust and fear find themselves trapped by pulleys and levers that rust their minds like a sunken ship sailing on the bottom of a rotten sea called a mass of hopeless conformity glued together by the force of violence and a willingness to harm anyone.

The insane jabbering of god almighty ringing in my ears like an insane choo choo train of hypocritical antichrist rhetoric fills my mind with fear and pain of destructive enemies always willing to break and run rampant over one more broken body while hate and hope conspire to murder love and gentle kindness witnessed by a god full of wilful blindness. What more evil stalks its prey left defenceless by the senile musing of one left apart who sits in judgment of our very souls and fills our minds with the need to pretend love or fall down dead in a ditch wasted by neglect and the unbending desire to watch idly by while millions fall plundered under the yoke of gleeful malice.

To surrender to worship to one so callous and thoughtless because circumstances conspire to rob the good of their ability to fight and to be left with the slap of pretence that one should have loved better or done worse to survive bloodshed and organized terror. To know the face of god and to see the ignorance and petty vindictiveness of the all powerful who so many have served up to the point of death and despair. The traitor, the jailbird, the laughing hyena of a bitter moon only half full of light that wanes to protect the decent in order to enjoy the bloodlust of evil joy that thinks nothing of the moment beyond the kill of one more mother, child, daughter, friend and enemy of the underground tyranny lost in ignorance and fear of powers unknown and forces unseen but rooted in the bowels of despair and the coming winds of change. What poisons the mind more than empty promises, dirty remarks and detached amusement of ancient evil or apathy that seeks to benefit those that plough others under and abandon those who fight and die for peace.